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Specific solutions for a company

Hardware infrastructure

Module was created to record and administer information about devices in data net. Mostly useful in IT administration. Among its basic features are device definition and dynamic classification its features, i.e. IP address, MAC, RAM, HDD, operation system, various types of licences, etc. Defined devices can be connected with one another and splitting. According to defined parameters and connections it will enable effective searching and administration of this technological park.

Electronic documents

It is a modern device for electronic documentation management over all information system Dialog 3000Skylla. This way we are trying to fill in a gap on the market of applications for processing electronic documents and support trend of current information systems also in Dialog 3000Skylla.

DDT (document Driving Tool) as tool we substitute very much used and widespread File system and further software that work as a repository and electronic document distributor. With the use of DDT we wanted to eliminate drawbacks of File system, while leaving advantages of its usage.

Weighing line

Thanks to cooperation with company Satec company Control was able to cover weighing lines in rubber industry. These lines are used to mix given mixture for plastic production, rubber, etc. It is possible to mix the so called minor chemicals, also prepare semi-finished products first, that enter production, etc.

A given employee will receive a list of materials and according to it he will weigh needed ingredients. On a display a confirm button will turn green in case he has reached the needed amount of a product, which is within a required tolerance. This way he will mix all the mixture. The most important function of  the information system is that data entering weighing lines  comes directly from the system that is preset on the basis of a daily plan.

The only person who can change norms and formulas are chemists, who constantly improve given product features. Advantage of the system is backward traceability of all ingredients used to prepare a given product and its amount.

Library of certificates

Tool for recording certificates of individual products.  When receiving goods in warehouse  certificates are recorded. An advantage of this solution is provability when receiving goods again and backward traceability of all certificates that entered the order.

Tracing batches

When receiving goods in warehouse its proper batch is recorded, it is connected with the material during all order. After recording, a tag with bar code is printed for the product. It includes information about a given batch.

When receiving goods in warehouse it is classified to a specific order, where a warehouse keeper defines a given batch to an order. Each production plan contains information about what material of what batch was used to produce a given product. The advantage of it is backward traceability of information about material entering a given order even few years back.

Purchasing and Sales

In a modern java environment it is possible to run B2B application for suppliers (purchasing) and B2B application  for customers (sales). In purchasing area the supplier receives information about stock items it operates. For each stock item there is available information needed to decide about ordering, current status and time planned reservation of needs. Based on this information a supplier will choose an order for covering customer’s needs. An order is confirmed electronically back to the supplier and at the same time a given supplier is informed about covering needs for a given item.

B2B for customers is designed for more complex logistics and information flow. A placed order does not require confirmation, it is taken as a contract of purchase. Right next to simple ordering of goods B2B module enables entering orders using product configurator implemented in information system Dialog.

Production in sewing workshop

Our Dialog 3000Skylla has been also implemented in textile industry. With this implementation there appeared a requirement on record of sewn pieces on the basis of which tailors. Each of them has a bar code scanner and a card with generated bar code placed on her table that relates to a sewn piece. After each finished piece a bar code is scanned and it is recorded in the information system.

In the photos you can see small traffic lights. They indicate a sort of non-standard production regime at a given table. Due to big noise levels in the workshop optical signalization is used. To turn the signaling again there is a ready generated bar code.

Mobile solutions

PDA scanners

Application is designed for Warehouse management module in information system Dialog 3000Skylla on wireless or synchornized PDA devices communicating with the use of Wi-Fi. E-warehouse staff can use functions such as signing in with the use of User ID, which is entered with a bar code scanner, starting an order, recepit, receipt from order, dispense, inter-warehouse movements, inter-warehouse, meziskladový přesun, inter-warehouse movement from preliminary dispatch, change of documents, choice of placement, looking for current placement, inventory, packaging choice and processing of bill of delivery. Each warehouse worker has access to those functions to which the given employee was granted user rights to. This way it is possible to accurately define rights and responsibility for a given case.

PDA scanners work with bar codes of goods or products, location or palette and enable the managed warehouse to enter into logistic processes of the company. With their help it is possible for the staff to move around the scanned product only and lets save time connected with entering data to computer. Changes of current status of a product are transferred to information system without any delay and mistakes. Thanks to this the staff can enter documents connected with goods or material movement faster.

Mobile solution can be also used for tracking in-process production. PDA is a suitable helper for inventory purposes.


It is one of the basic tools for B2B type of communication. The module enables mostly a simple form of product presentation for anonymous users or for users registered in the system under a name and a password. For this kind of access there are available individual price lists of products relating to records in  Dialog 3000Skylla (particular terms and conditions). Products are presented according to a changeable product structure defined for internet shop.


Extends information system  Dialog 3000S abilities of interactive connections between a company and its surrounding as well as it provides the company business partners access to information database via two basic methods in a form of “web” application programmed in JSP or via JAVA application communicating via application server Skylla. Offered solution allows the company of a user to connect the internet to any of its business activities covered by information system Dialog 3000Skylla and enter the internet markets to make business of B2B or B2C type.

Service activity

The module was created to provide fast and precise communication with a customer most of all in the area of services such as service activities or to record and process problems with products. Announcement takes place in form of website interface online to information system. Access is managed by basic contact information on partner’s card. After sending requirement a customer receives electronic confirmation about its receiving and via www application he can follow status of requirement processing.

In terms of active cooperation a customer can communicate with a worker chosen to fix a problem directly via www interface with the possibility of adding documentation (attachments). E-service module relates to standard Service module which is connected with price lists of activities and service module is directly connected to invoicing module.

Asset record

E-asset module is used for effective company asset management. It is based on reliable record solution in PDA terminals scanning bar codes from tags of individual machines and office equipment.

Asset inventory takes place according to items, when after scanning a bar code from a tag of a machine information about a given asset and its location is transferred to the system.

e-OTK (Operational Quality check directly in production)

It is related to Laboratory in Production management module and offers entry of technical check workers to information system with the use of PDA terminals. It records results of entry check, interoperational check and final check. It sets individual parameters for individual checks according to usage, via bar code scans and subsequently records results directly for a given product. It immediately shows information about check results directly in PDA.

Business Inteligence

Company  Control comes with an offer of implementation of Business Intelligence meaning palette of software applications used to analyze raw data of organization. It concerns a professional activity for users, which is made of several connected activities, i.e. data mining, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), querying and message creation – reporting.

Result of implementing Business Intelligence will be the use of application Business Objects, which will i.e. offer complex definition of access rights and security, separate definition of information units and their visualization, easy creation of new reports on defined data, faster work when realizing simple requirements, more independence of management from IT department, analysis, information from current data and historical reports.

Connection with designing and burning programmes (CAD/CAM)

Integration of information Dialog 3000Skylla with other software products brings a lot of advantages. Thanks to a full support for integration it is possible to use data not only from information system Dialog 3000Skylla when preparing the software but on the other hand also the information from those software can be used for precise planning and managing of a concrete production prosess. It all is done quickly, simply and effectively. Integration of system Dialog 3000Skylla with other software products brings savings which exceed the initial investments into individual products.

Information system offers its users possibility to track the beginning, completion and end of processing directly in workshop. This concerns whole laser orders as well as their individual items. Integrated process of processing between software is done online and brings to ERP system planning tables information about ending of a cpecific operation  for chosen technology (machine) and this information is used to start connecting processes without any downtime.

When evaluating operation it is possible to compare planned norms with presented times and a possibility to change them is offered directly in technological method of a product saved in information system Dialog 3000Skylla. After exporting items to production plan according to chosen criteria the staff will check  current status of all export items – existence, changing management, etc.

Currently, information system Dialog 3000Skylla offers software and technological integration with products of JETCAM EXPERT, TruTops, SolidWorks, EPLAN and Pro/ENGINEER.

MPL transfer of programme to machines

One of the possibilities of  electronize of production documentation is the use of new MPL tool – Machine program loader, which is used to both sided communication between information system and a machine. In real production we have already applied connection of press brake with Dialog 3000Skylla. Thanks to this application is is possible to transfer individual software between press brakes and information system.

Pilot project was realized in NC Line s. r. o. company, where currently 8 brake presses are equipped with this tool. Further terminals in workshops are used to visualize drawing documentation. Aim of the tool was to make the work with software more effective and more transparent, to make the tracing better, archiving and make the work with handling it faster. With the implementation of the device problems with non systematic naming of program were solved. Program are now saved in bills of materials in information system and device staff is able to distribute the program effectively to a particular device.