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Dialog 3000Skylla

The most sophisticated modular information system for companies of all sizes

The most sophisticated ERP system for you production

Company – wide information system Dialog will cover all your company activities. We will show you that!

Production optimization

We offer the most sophisticated production solution with capacity planning offer, shop floor management and following of problematic places in production processes.

Customized solutions

Thanks to special solutions in a number of branches we are able to adapt to, i.e., machinery or food operations.

Courses and trainings

We have prepared an number of learning courses aimed mostly at administration and development of information system.

Hardware solutions

Along with our software products we also supply hardware solutions, from bar code printers to attendance terminals.

34 modules, over 20 years of experience


Management and administration

Customized information system

We do not offer ready solutions only. Dialog has been adapted to many different operations over the years. It has been connected to design software, mobile applications and other devices.

Development on a customer

Are you interested in our information system, but you do not know how it is going to be implemented? We are happy to answer the most frequent questions.

Courses, trainings and workshops

Complete offer

Bar code tag printers, attendance terminals, information tables…